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Criminal Defense Investigation


A private investigator serves a crucial role in a criminal defense investigation

The criminal defense investigator interviews witnesses, collects background information on witnesses and reviews police reports pertaining to the crime.

Our job is to help the defense attorney present the most reliable case in court in order to establish reasonable doubt. This information assists the jury in deciding when the defendant may not be guilty of a crime. The criminal defense investigators are the trouble shooters; the right-hand to the defense attorney.

The criminal defense investigator has thorough knowledge of the laws, the charges, and procedures related to each case. Common procedures are, re-visiting crime scenes; reviewing the discovery, case files and police reports with the client and conducts one-on-one interviews with the client. 


Criminal defense investigator, Anthony Green, is a critical thinker who uses his many years of knowledge and expertise in the field to bring the attorney all of the tools to solve these criminal defense cases.

The following link is an example of Anthony Green's criminal defense investigative work in the Jeffrey Epstein case regarding the correction officer charged during his incarceration and suicide:

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