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 About Us_ 

Anthony Green

president of AW Green Protection Service


Expert Law Enforcement and Investigation and Security Operations Professional

Greater New York City Area

 Previous experience:



Results-driven and disciplined law enforcement professional offering over 20+ years of experience in security and protection services primarily within the New York City Department of Correction and the United States Marine Reserves. Capable of crowd control for general public and inmate population and supervision/training of high performance security teams to ensure safe environments. Utilizes research skills to conduct thorough investigations involving incidents, preemptive strategy tactics in the mitigation of future and present potential risks. In the private sector under the umbrella of the NY State licensed and bonded AW Green Protection Service, services such as threat assessments and tourist security packages are also available to the general public and corporations.



Licensed and Bonded, NYS License Private Investigator# 11000177270

AW Green Protection Service specializes in investigations (criminal & background), tourist security packages, threat assessments, domestic surveillance, and personal protection. For landlords and real estate management companies, we offer additional options such as credit and tenant screening.

Investigator Anthony Green is highly intelligent and has good analytical and communication skills. Mr. Green distinguished himself greatly by incorporating creative ingenuity with standard investigating/interviewing techniques. Mr. Green’s dedication and passion is paramount.


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